Compliance Packaging

We realize that each patient has unique compliance needs, so we offer unique compliance packaging conducive to community environments. This special packaging can help to minimize the complexity and inconvenience of using multiple prescription bottles.

If you are taking multiple medications, our prescription packaging system, the “Medication Manager”, is a simple, convenient and practical way to make it easier to take your medication properly. You can organize your medications, vitamin and supplements all in one place.

Compliance Packaging — The Medication Manager

compliance packagingDo you have more than one medication to take? Are the quantities and times different for each item? Do you sometimes forget of you already took your dose? If so, you’re not alone. Doctors regularly hear stories of recurring symptoms or side effects – due solely to innocent mistakes when taking prescribed medications.

To help you get the most out of your therapies, Winchester Pharmasave is pleased to provide custom compliance packaging. OTC medicines come in a sheet with a pop-out tinfoil backing. So why not do the same with your prescription meds? We have taken that idea and made it into an incredibly helpful memory tool – which is especially important if you have to take several medications or even the same medication several times a day, every other day or at very specific times. Each medication contained within the compliance packaging is labeled with its description and directions for use.

The medication manager is a card with 28 sealed compartments that organizes four doses a day for a full week. The doses are arranged by our pharmacists exactly as prescribed by your doctor.

With the medication manager, you know exactly when to take you medication. The service is fast, convenient, and could make a real difference in your overall wellness.

Why Winchester Pharmasave Compliance Packaging Is A Good Idea

  • Helpful reminder of what and when to take medication
  • Easier to use than opening up several different prescription vials
  • Completely organized system
  • Ideal for caregivers
  • Convenient packaging for travel
  • Tailored To Your Needs

Compliance Packaging Tailored To Your Prescription Regimen

compliance packaging

Each medication is placed in the Compliance Packaging so that dosing occurs at the same time of day for best results from your medication. It’s helpful to you and especially helpful if you have a caregiver.

And it’s just another important service from Winchester Pharmasave

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